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With several years of genuinely independent Rock 'n' Roll to their credit, Masonic Block is truly the embodiment of the spirit of Northwest music. The catalogue ranges from atmosheric to thrash, math rock to power pop and won't be stuck in any particular peg-hole. Instead, it creeps through genres, piercing together a sound as present and uncompromising as the rain over Puget Sound.” - Biff Bigelow

— KAOS Radio

I enjoy the songs very much. Impressive touring experience. Masonic Block has reached many top markets across the United States. This is validation, confirming that the songs are of the highest level and show strong potential in the ultra-competitive music industry. Well done!” - Eugene Foley - Foley Entertainment

— A&R

"Going Home by Seattle-based Masonic Block begins with a subtle, folk-rock like acoustic guitar rhythm and the vintage sounding vocal, along with full band production. There's a kind of CCR feel to the tune, your foot will be tapping and the hook and structure of the song are easy to sing to right off the bat. This song would sound equally good with just James and his acoustic guitar in your living room."”


Masonic Block's music is strong - very tight musicianship, great vocals and good production. "Going Home" specifically is some great songwriting.” - James Moore