Consumed by the Fire

The debut album by Mason James. Includes such seminal tracks as "Going Home", "I See it Blind", "Put Me Down", and the epic "Tale of Billy and Michelle".

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Epiphany Road

The ten songs on this album cover the timeless topics of love, travel, and the human condition--shot through the sound of a band taking it to their sonic limits, and beyond. 

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Standing Guard at Fort Awesome

This, the fifth album by Mason James, is a collection of straightforward rock and acoustic folk pop, with a range of further influences from punk to metal, motown to garage. Lush ballads (Kika, Kya) are juxtaposed with singer/songwriter melodies (Childlike High, Sandra's Song), with hard-hitting pop rock (They Say) and hard-hitting rockers (Rope, Green and Greed) also added to the mix. The album concludes with a frenzied instrumental jam (Liberation Song). A polished, yet not overproduced, work that touches all corners of what lovers of original rock connect to.

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No Humans

This mini-album is a collection of five instrumentals; written, produced, and performed entirely by Mason James.

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